the Organizing Committee for the Most Beautiful Photograph Collection and Selection Activities with the theme of "Falling in Love with Hunan"
May, 2018 ~ Oct,2019
Voting Rules:
Each netizen is allowed to vote for no more than 20 photographs in each of the following 5 categories, namely, natural scenery, historical culture, folk customs, feature & innovation, and development achievements.
In July 2019, the selection results will be released and honorary certificates will be issued. On that occasion, lucky netizens will be selected and awarded. And 20 netizens will be invited to attend the results conference.
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Natural Scenery Historical Culture Folk Customs Feature &Innovation Development Achievements
    • Qiandao (Thousand-island) LongtanCili County,Zhangjiajie City

    • Scenery of Dayun Mountain in ShaodongShaodong County,Shaoyang City

    • Huaihua--Miragenull,Huaihua City

    • Picturesque VillageShaoshan City,Xiangtan City

    • Dawn of Spring in Bucun VillageChenxi County,Huaihua City

    • Yao Stockaded Village in Misty Rain.Jianghua County,Yongzhou City

    • Lusong's Important StatusLusong District,Zhuzhou City

    • Emperor Shun's Mausoleum in Misty RainNingyuan County,Yongzhou City

    • Saishuangqing ParkXinshao County,Shaoyang City

    • Jiemuxi National Natural Reserve Yuanling County,Huaihua City

    • Winding Yangmei IslandYuhu District,Xiangtan City

    • Tianqiao Mountain Scenic AreaLuxi County,Xiangxi Prefecture

    • Scenery of Jianyan (Steep Rock) MountainHuayuan County,Xiangxi Prefecture

    • Ziquejie Terraced Fieldsnull,Loudi City

    • Liuyang River with Nine BendsLiuyang City,Changsha City

    • Inviting Wulingyuan Scenic SpotWulingyuan District,Zhangjiajie City

    • Unrivalled Scenery of Yubi Peaknull,Zhangjiajie City

    • Exercising Tai Chi beside Dongting Lakenull,Yueyang City